Student Attendance Policy

Student Attendance Policy

It is important for every student to attend school every day. Missing too much school has long-term, negative effects on students, such as lower achievement and graduation rates. There are many reasons students miss school, but Springboro Schools has the ability to directly impact our students’ attendance.

In December 2016, the Ohio General Assembly passed House Bill 410 to encourage and support a preventative approach to excessive absences and truancy. Continuing into the 2018-2019 school year, the Student Attendance Policy will be as follows - 

  • Students will be allowed ten (10) occurrences for the school year which is comprised of being tardy or absences.
  • Absences and/or tardies in excess of ten (10) occurrences may not be excused by a parent and shall require documentation by the child's treating physician, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant to be excused- unless the absence is otherwise excused by the principal due to an unusual circumstance.
  •  If a student accumulates 38 excused or unexcused hours in one month or 65 excused or unexcused hours in a school year, a warning letter will be sent to the parent/guardian.
  • If a student accumulates 30 consecutive unexcused hours, 42 unexcused hours in a month, or 72 unexcused hours in a school year, an Absence Intervention Meeting will occur.
  • If a parent fails to appear/respond in the Absence Intervention Meeting the school will make a referral to Children Services or instruct the team to develop a plan without the parent/guardian’s input. If the plan is not followed, a complaint of truancy will be filed in Juvenile Court. 

Springboro Schools will be working to reduce the barriers that families might encounter to ensure consistent attendance.



Wendy Ford
Mental Health Coordinator
937-748-3950 (x 4405)
In accordance with State and Federal law, Springboro Community City Schools will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities who wish to attend and/or participate in school events. Such individuals should notify the Superintendent if they require a reasonable accommodation.

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