Gifted Education

Our Mission               

To create a student-centered, rigorous academic environment specifically designed to meet the intellectual, creative, social and emotional needs of gifted individuals, within their unique culture, while helping to produce self-directed life-long learners who will become productive citizens.

Our goal is to provide a program where students:

  • Are challenged, take risks, problem-solve and learn at their individual levels while being with other students who are like them.
  • Develop critical and creative thinking skills, improve their organizational skills and grow in personal responsibility and self-confidence as learners.
  • Develop a desire for excellence, a sense of individual worth and a responsibility to self and to society.
  • Work in groups, using higher level thinking skills, and are willing to share ideas and listen to and incorporate others’ ideas into the group’s solution.
  • Formulate a goal, either personal or academic, and develop an action plan to achieve it.


Feb. 2, 2016
District Meeting for Parents of Students who are Gifted with Guest Speaker: Angela Grimm (OAGC Parent Division Chair)

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April 6, 2016 - District Parents of Students who are Gifted
Organizational Meeting
7:00 PM Junior High Library

Frequently asked questions

How are students identified as gifted?
Springboro Community City Schools follow Ohio Department of Education guidelines in identifying students as gifted. The district provides annual screening in grades 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Students who meet the Ohio standard on any of these screening tests will be identified as gifted. Students who do not meet the Ohio standard but do meet the district re-test standard will be provided with a second opportunity to identify. In addition, students may be referred for testing by a parent, teacher, themself, etc. for gifted testing. The next individual testing window is October, 2016.


What is the program curriculum?
Springboro's gifted program guided by the Gifted Program Standards from the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), and we continue to refine our program to fit our students’ needs. Click here to see the NAGC standards. 


How are gifted students formally served in Springboro Schools?
In first and second grade, identified gifted students are cluster grouped and receive differentiated instruction in math and/or reading from their classroom teacher with the support of a gifted intervention specialist. In third through fifth grade, students who are identified as superior cognitive and students who score at or above the 97th percentile in math and/or reading are served in gifted elementary classes. Gifted intervention specialists (GIS teachers) co-teach math and reading with the regular education teachers.  In addition, we offer project-based learning to help meet individual student interests and needs.   We consistently apply critical, creative and higher-level thinking and problem solving strategies in these classrooms.  All other subjects are taught by the regular education teacher. Students who score at the 95-96th percentile in math and/or reading are cluster grouped and receive differentiated instruction from their classroom teacher with the support of a gifted intervention specialist.

In sixth through eighth grade, identified gifted students are cluster grouped in enriched math and/or reading and receive differentiated instruction from their classroom teacher with the support of a gifted intervention specialist.

In ninth through twelfth grade, identified gifted students are served in Honors, Advanced Placement (AP), and College Credit Plus (CCP) courses in English, math, science and social studies. Classroom teachers provide differentiation as appropriate for the course content with the support of a gifted intervention specialist. In addition, gifted students can participate in credit flex options for service.

Subject and grade acceleration, early entrance and early graduation are opportunities that also are available to all students.


Is my child given a grade for gifted?
Students are not given grades on a report card from the gifted program.  However, the parents/guardians receive a Written Education Plan (WEP) with goals for their student.  Students are evaluated throughout the year, and parents receive a Progress Report which reflects WEP goals at the end of the school year.  Students also may be given rubrics for specific projects and products.


What are the procedures for acceleration and early entrance?
District policies for early entrance and grade acceleration are outlined the Springboro Board Policy Manual (Section 5408). Springboro uses the IOWA Acceleration Scale in evaluating students for early entrance to kindergarten and whole grade acceleration.  Please refer to the links on the right and search for 5408 for more information. 



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