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Springboro Jr High has gone digital and to a new curriculum!

We are addressing a new level of math skills, as well as greater problem solving and communication within our classrooms daily! 

In addition, students are using the DIGITS system (REALIZE platform!)  to complete their homework. This enables students to get immediate feedback and the opportunity to correct and improve their work. 

If you are longing for a text book, click "SHOW AN EXAMPLE"... 

If you would like to be assisted through the problem, click "HELP ME!" 

  • Class Summary

    Math 7 and Math 7 Enriched follow the state's new CORE curriculum for 7th grade. Students will complete a series of topics which build into one of the 5 units of study (ratios and proportions, algebra, geometry, statisitics and probability). 

    The nightly homework  is the key to practice, improvement and success with the 7th grade curriculum. The homeowrk is part of the DIGITS program and  can be assessed via multiple websites. I find the following to be very reliable:

    Remember, the homework is expected to be completed by the following class period. Completed includes (a) 10 (12 dfor enriched) of the problems attempted and (b) work process shown in an organized fashion in the spiral notebook.Students do have until the following SUNDAY by 10 pm  to correct and improve their percentage grades! This allows for homework to be a learning process. Please feel free to assist your child in completing their homework, but I would advise against sitting with them to do the assignment. Fostering independence and life-long study skills are important aspects of student development. 

    My suggestion, have the student answer the first 5 problems independently, then assist them to corrent any that they missed. Repeat the process with the next 5, and so forth. When assisting your child, make sure they are using the available study -aides!

    Class spiral notebook will have examples and practice problems that we have completed in class! This is a valuable resource and illustrated the expected "work to be shown"

    "SHOW ME AN EXAMPLE" is a link available on every problem that allows student to open up the electronic text for assistance with the problem being attempted. 

    "HELP ME SOLVE THIS" will walk the student through the problem step by step! 

    Students have access to computers in my classroom any day, any class period. They can come from study hall, homeroom, and even lunch. Working lunches are even more beneficial if the student has packed thier lunch! 

    Homework help is available MONDAY thru THURSAY from 2:20-3:30 in the library at SJH. There is no charge, no sign-up. All students have to do is show up and they'll have a quiet environment with at least one math teacher there to help! Students do need transportaiton home at 3:20! 



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