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Hope Bracelets
Samantha PilleySamantha Pilley, a 6th grade student at Springboro Intermediate (SI), came up with an idea to make “Hope Bracelets” to give to residents in local nursing homes for Mother’s Day.

During Samantha's free time in quarantine, she weaved together handmade bracelets out of colorful string. Samantha also had help making the bracelets from her friend, Brianna Spencer, who lives in Charleston, WV.

It took a little over two (2) hours to complete a single bracelet. Both Samantha and Spencer made a total of fifty-seven (57) colorful bracelets with various designs on them, including hearts.

Samantha’s hope was to share positive joy inside the nursing homes, as well as to let the residents know they are being thought of, especially during this difficult time when many nursing home residents can’t be with family.

Each bracelet was sent with a note from Samantha, which read: "My name is Samantha. I'm a 6th grade student at Springboro Intermediate. I made bracelets for you all to enjoy during this pandemic. I hope you enjoy them and they brighten up your day."