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EPIC Award Winners
EPIC Award Winner - Five Points Elementary
Springboro Schools presented their EPIC Awards this month.

Congratulations to - Amy Parks (Clearcreek Elementary), Robin Root (Dennis Elementary), Christine Baratko (Five Points Elementary), Lori Heck (Springboro Intermediate), and Jill Mooney (Springboro Junior High School), and Justin Deeter (Springboro High School) on being the EPIC Award recipient for their building.

Every year, Springboro Schools' District Parent Council (DPC), a group of parent representatives from each school building, collects nominations from students and parents around the district. From there, an EPIC (Engage. Prepare. Inspire. Challenge.) Award winning teacher is chosen from each building, to serve as a model of excellence for a fantastic year of hard work and dedication.

Each teacher was greeted by Superintendent Dan Schroer, their Principal, and members of the DPC. A plaque is awarded to the winning teacher, which goes on display inside the school building.

On behalf of Springboro Schools and the District Parent Council, thank you to all the EPIC Award winners, the EPIC Award nominees, as well as all of our amazing teachers and staff around the district.
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