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Diversity & Inclusion Committee Application Form
Springboro Schools is committed to creating and promoting a culture of respect, tolerance, and inclusion for all people. As indicated in our June 2020 statement against racism and violence, we believe it is our responsibility, as a district, to provide equity in education for every one of our students.  
We also recognize that we have work to do in this regard, and that delivering on this commitment will require us to continue growing and listening as a school community. To that end, we are forming a district committee focused on diversity and inclusion that will be launching this fall. The committee will be comprised of students, administrators, board members, teachers, staff, parents, and community members who will look for ways to put these values into practice throughout our district. 
As we work to launch this committee, we are seeking parents, teachers, students, and community members to join us on this journey by serving as members of the committee. If you are a parent, teacher, high school student (grades 9-12), staff or community member, and are interested in serving as a representative of the district's Diversity and Inclusion Committee, please fill out the application form below.
Click Here to Complete Our Diversity & Inclusion Committee Application Form 
All applications should be submitted by Friday, October 23. Not all applications will be selected, given the volume of applicants expected to apply. A district representative will notify you after the application's deadline about the status of your application and whether or not it has been selected.
We know this work will be challenging, but it is imperative that we engage in these efforts together for ourselves, for each other, and especially for the good of our greater community.