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SHS AP Seminar Students - Team Multimedia Presentation
AP Seminar Students

Recently, AP Seminar students at Springboro High School (SHS) participated in a mock Team Multimedia Presentation (TMP). The TMP is one of five tasks that students must complete throughout the year and will be averaged, in order to determine the final AP exam score for the course.

The presentations stem from a panel discussion, which took place earlier in the school year, and focused on "The influence of social media upon our society." Since that panel discussion, the AP Seminar students, in groups of three, have formulated a research question and determined which lens (cultural, political, historical, scientific, ethical, etc.) each group member would use moving forward.

All students researched individually in order to write their own paper, and then they came back together to synthesize that information into a coherent presentation that offers a solution or resolution to their original research question.

Each team's presentation was around 6-8 minutes, and included one oral defense question which was posed to each group member at the end of the presentation.