Calamity Days

This webpage is to provide information on the district’s current plan for calamity days, in the event the district would need to close based on a weather-related event during the 2020-2021 school year.
Springboro Schools, as well as all Ohio districts and schools, are on hour-based, not day-based, schedules during the school year. As a result, there are not “calamity days” in Springboro Schools. Instead, Springboro Schools’ has scheduled “excess” hours above the minimum number of hours required to accommodate weather-related situations that delay or cancel school. Hours missed above the required minimum do not have to be made up.
While the State of Ohio no longer requires using the term “calamity days,” Springboro Schools feels as though the number of hours missed due to weather-related events, is best communicated when presented in “days.” Therefore, should the district be closed due to a weather-related event for - 
One (1) to Three (3) Days
No assignment work will be required, No remote learning for all grade levels (PreK - 12)
This applies to both Model A and Model B students
Four (4) Days and Beyond
Full Remote for all grade levels (PreK - 12). Teachers will communicate lessons/assignments directly. This process will mirror the district’s Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 2020 full remote days.
Given our current setup, with both Model A (in-person) and Model B (at-home/virtual) students, this will be the process for calamity days. If this setup were to change, details about how this could affect calamity days will be further communicated to families.
We appreciate your understanding, and realize the possible need for further explanation on the State of Ohio’s hour-based schedules during the school year. Should you have questions related to this, please visit our FAQ (listed below). Also, as always, feel free to contact your school building directly.


Q: How many Calamity Days is Springboro Schools at now?

A: As of now, Springboro Schools hasn't missed a school day during the 2020-2021 school year, due to weather. Therefore, should Springboro Schools be forced to close for weather, that would start with day one (1). 

Q: When would my student(s) have to go remote, based on a weather related closing?
A: Full Remote Learning for all grade levels (PreK - 12) would begin on day four (4) of missed school, for a weather-related closing. 

Q: In previous years, students would not have to begin making up work until calamity day six (6). Why has this changed?
A: Given the district started the school year later, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (Sept. 8/9/10/11 - Hybrid, and Sept. 14 - All Students), the number of calamity days decreased, in order for us to end school around the same time, per a traditional school year.

Q: How many hours of instruction were each of the schools originally scheduled for?

A: Based on grade level (in a traditional school year); Half-Day Kindergarten (455 Hrs. - State minimum), 1st-6th Grade (910 Hrs. - State minimum), and 7th-12th Grade (1,001 Hrs. - State minimum), the amount of hours scheduled for instruction will differ, based on the State required minimum number of hours. Springboro Schools intentionally schedule over this required minimum amount, in order to avoid falling below the minimum hours of instruction, as required by the State. The number of hours of instruction during a school year is based on 180 days; Therefore, the required minimum per day for;


Half-Day Kindergarten would be 2.5 hrs. (455/180 = 2.5). We set ours above this to account for weather related closures.

1st - 5th Grade would be 5.05 hrs., not including lunch time (910/180 = 5.05). We set ours at 6.45 hrs. per day to account for weather related closures.

6th - 12th Grade would be 5.6 hrs., not including lunch time (1,001/180 = 5.56). We set ours to 7.00 hrs. per day to account for weather related closures.


However, even though our numbers were set well above the minimum required by the State , we still intend to make up any instructional time that would exceed what would amount to three (3) days (the hours vary, depending on grade).


Q: Will Springboro Schools only make up instructional time if you risk going below the state's minimum number of hours? Or do you have some different policy, such as stating that you'll make up time if you miss a certain number of days?

A: Even though Springboro Schools’ numbers were set well above the minimum required by the State and we will not exceed this, we still intend to make up any instructional time that would exceed what would amount to three (3) days. Please see the steps above.

In accordance with State and Federal law, Springboro Community City Schools will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities who wish to attend and/or participate in school events. Such individuals should notify the Superintendent if they require a reasonable accommodation.

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