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Springboro 45066: Superintendent Carrie Hester

Springboro 45066

Superintendent Carrie Hester was interviewed today by "Springboro 45066" Co-Host Carrie Robbins to speak about Ms. Hester's new role as Superintendent.
District operational improvements, school spirit, Strategic Plan, and Friday Night Lights were among the interview topics today, which took place near the 10-Yard Line at CareFlight Field at Watkins Stadium just a few hours before kickoff of tonight's Springboro Panthers' Varsity Football game against Centerville.
Thank you to Ms. Robbins, Miami Valley Communications Council (MVCC), and the Springboro Panthers' Freshmen Football team whose practice was briefly held up for the interview. Oops!
Check back soon for the full interview. In the meantime, c'mon out tonight and cheer on our Panthers! B-O-R-O!!! Let's go, Boro!!!

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