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SJHS News Interviews Superintendent Carrie Hester

SJHS News Interviews Superintendent

Students in Mr. Hernandez's Video Production Class sat down with Superintendent Carrie Hester for an interview on "SJHS News." This investigative report asked the hard-hitting questions we all want to know, "Describe your daily routine as a Superintendent?" "What are your hobbies?" and "What is a good song you enjoy listening to on your way to work?"

Ms. Hester expressed her excitement in wanting to meet the students, and we appreciate SJHS News for inviting the Superintendent on their broadcast as a guest. Thank you to the students and Mr. Hernandez! Watch the full interview and newscast below, as the Video Production Class is producing great work! 

Click Here to View "SJHS News" (Interview Starts at 2:58)

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