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Volunteers for District Committees

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Springboro Schools has numerous committees that help serve the district in a variety of different ways. Every year, Springboro Schools seeks community member/parent volunteers to serve on some of these committees. Volunteers can serve for up-to two (2) years on a particular committee. The committees include members of the Springboro Schools’ Board of Education, staff, administrators, and parents. It takes a village, and our district encourages the input of our Springboro community parents.
These are the Committees where parents are part of our team:
•             Budget and Finance: Terrah Stacy, Facilitator – [email protected]
•             Curriculum Council: Andrea Cook, Facilitator – [email protected]
•             Safety Committee: Scott Gilbert, Facilitator – [email protected]
If you are interested in serving on one (1) of the district committees, please fill out the form below. Please only select one committee. You will be notified IF SELECTED for your choice of committee.

Click Here to View the Volunteer for District Committees Form

You may also visit the District Committees’ webpage where you’ll find a list of all our district committees, the facilitator for each committee, and future dates and times for these committees.

We ask that volunteers, if selected, commit to attending all meetings for the specific committee of choice. These meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend.

The deadline to complete the form is Friday, December 17 (by 12:00pm).

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