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SJHS Students Get Augmented Reality Sandbox
SJHS Students w Mrs. Nothstine
This month, an augmented reality sandbox was delivered by the Ohio Natural Energy Institute to Mrs. Nothstine's classroom at Springboro Junior High School (SJHS). This awesome technology will allow 8th grade students to explore topographic mapping, weathering, erosion, and deposition, while 7th grade students will use this tool to show the hydrologic cycle paths and water systems.

“The sandbox has already sparked a ton of conversations about energy sources, topography, and coding in my classroom," said Amanda Nothstine, PLTW Course Instructor and Science Teacher at SJHS. "I can't wait to work with my co-workers in the science department about how to incorporate this into their classrooms.”

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For Mrs. Nothstine's PLTW Green Architecture class, students will use the augmented reality sandbox as a way to talk about energy sources and creating infrastructures to withstand weathering, erosion, and deposition. For the App creators and Computer Science class, students will use the tool to discuss coding and programming. Wow! So much for just making sand castles!