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Request to Change Models Form (Grades 6-12 Only)
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Request to Change Models Form (Model A to Model B - or - Model B to Model A)

Please ONLY Fill Out This Form if You Are REQUESTING A CHANGE for One of the Following:
1.) Current Model A (In-Person/In-School) Student, Requesting to Change to Model B (At-Home/Virtual)
2.) Current Model B (At-Home/Virtual) Student, Requesting to Change to Model A (In-Person/In-School)

Please Fill Out a Separate Form for Each of Your Children Who Are Requesting to Change Models. The Deadline to Complete This Form is Wednesday, February 24 (4:00pm).

UPDATE NOTICE - For elementary grade levels (PreK - 5), this was changed to a semester commitment last quarter. Any change made via the Request to Change Models form from last quarter is still in effect for Quarter 4 (Semester Commitment for Both Quarter 3 and Quarter 4). For secondary grade levels (6 - 12), this remains a quarter commitment. This form only applies to Quarter 4 for grades 6 - 12. 

Elementary Grade Levels (PreK - 5): Semester Commitment, Both Quarter 3 and Quarter 4

There is no form, as this was a semester commitment for both Quarter 3 and Quarter 4. Your commitment for Quarter 3, remains in effect for Quarter 4.

Secondary Grade Levels (6 - 12): Quarter 4 Commitment Only


YOU DO NOT NEED TO FILL OUT THIS FORM IF YOU ARE STAYING WITH YOUR CURRENT MODEL. If you DO NOT wish to make a change to your current model, you do not need to fill out anything.

Your requested change will take effect on Monday, March 15, 2021, which is the first day of Quarter 4.

Why Did Elementary (Grades PreK - 5) Have a Semester Commitment and Not a Quarter?

- We have learned from our previous experience from Model changes in Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. In an effort to reduce negative impacts on elementary students and staff, we are asking parents to make a semester long decision for model changes (A to B or B to A). Your model change decision will impact both Quarters 3 and 4.

- Elementary staff and class sizes are based on the number of students who are participating in Models A & B.  

- Enrollment changes between models necessitate staffing changes. This may create imbalances of students based on whether enrollment changes are at Dennis Elementary or Five Points Elementary. (For example: if 30 students leave Model B (20 Dennis students and 10 Five Points students), we would need to reduce the Model B staff by 1 teacher. That teacher would go to Dennis and have a smaller class size than other classrooms in that grade level. 10 Five Points students would be divided between existing classrooms thereby increasing class sizes). 

- Student enrollment changes may necessitate a different teacher with a Model A to B or a Model B to A change. These transitions can create a difficult, emotional situation as children transition from one teacher to another with regards to expectations, pacing of material, and peer interactions (different classmates).