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Lights, Camera, Awesome!
SJHS Students
Springboro Junior High (SJHS) students in Mr. Hernandez's Video Production class have been hard at work this school year producing their very own weekly news broadcast entitled, "SJHS News."

On Friday mornings, Mr. Hernandez will share a link with SJHS staff to play for their students in class. Each cycle of producing their news broadcast begins with Mr. Hernandez's students completing an idea board, then working on their scripts. The students then move on to filming and editing their segments, before finally putting the entire broadcast together. The students will interview teachers, staff, and other students for segments on the news, as well as sit in front of a green screen to deliver their stories with the help of a teleprompter.

The end result is a well-crafted news broadcast known as "SJHS News;" created by the students, for the students.

Click Here to Watch the November 12 Edition of SJHS News