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National Anthem Singers
SHS Anthem Singers

The SHS Vocal Department under the direction of Beth Jamison and Leslie Sharkey is proud to recognize the following students who sang the National Anthem at varsity sporting events this year: Lauren Bosteder, Kendall Braun, Shannon Burnett, Camille Cline, Mikayla Craycraft, Cameron Cyran, Olivia Darmanie, Brookelyn Doll, Trinity Dornbusch, Jacob Ferris, Abi Gogel, Hope Gulley, Alina Haq, Abby Hiday, Scylah Hill, Ally Hodapp, Alyssa Jimenez, Kenden Johnson, Adam Kempton, Peyton Knight, Ava Lockhart, Shelby McCoy, Cole Molnar, Alex Nguyen, Ashley Ortel, Kennedy Reid, Bridget Rhodes, GraceAnn Shaner, Robert Sievers, Chyanne Thompson, Ella Widau, and Justin Wright. Special recognition for most performances goes to Cameron Cyran.

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Thank you for serving your school in this way!