Dynamic, skilled teachers are a core strength of our district. These labor negotiations provide a watershed opportunity for cooperation between our teachers and staff and our Board of Education. As the two sides come to the table to work cooperatively toward a contract that is financially responsible, the achievement of our students is the foremost concern. The district will continue to communicate as much as possible so that all stakeholders can be informed about the progress of these negotiations. This website will be updated with the most current information.

The Board of Education seeks your input. Although answering specific questions about negotiations is not appropriate while bargaining is still in process, you are encouraged to share your thoughts with all five Board members as well as Superintendent Todd Petrey through one email address:

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Springboro Education Association Bargaining Proposals

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Board of Education Contract Proposals to the Springboro Education Association

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Summary of Contract Changes

Five Year Forecast with Implementation of SEA Proposal

Five Year Forecast

Springboro School Board Supports Tentative Agreement with Classified Employees - June 28, 2013

SPRINGBORO—A tentative agreement between the Springboro Community City Schools Board of Education (BOE) and the Springboro Classified Employees Association (SCEA), the union representing bus drivers, cafeteria workers and other non-teaching staff, is supported by the board, according to Kelly Kohls, Ph. D., board president.

“We are pleased with this tentative agreement,” said Kohls. “We will have an agreement that is a part of our plan to remain sustainable into the future.” She continued, “The SCEA and the BOE agreed to an increase in compensation and changes to the health insurance package which the district can accommodate.”

Highlights of the agreement include:

· Step raises for three years

· $1,000 annual stipend for three years

· Employees will pay 20% for healthcare insurance, the district will pay 80% of the premium

· Contract period will be four years

“I am very happy to make this announcement today. Our hope is that we can have similar news about our teacher union negotiations in the near future,” said Kohls. “We promised our community we would approve only agreements that were economically sustainable. We certainly have as far as our classified workers are concerned. This will be our ongoing goal as our negotiation team continues its work.”

Springboro Board of Education Reports on Status of Negotiations - June 28, 2013

SPRINGBORO--On June 20, the Springboro Community City School District Board of Education (BOE) submitted a counter-proposal in response to a proposal submitted by the Springboro Education Association (SEA), the union representing teachers and other certified staff. The SEA then immediately issued a counter to the counter-proposal, according to Kelly Kohls, board president.

“We have now completed an evaluation of the financial impact of the current SEA proposal. It exceeds the school district’s available funds by more than $2 million in years one and two,” said Kohls. “In the spirit of transparency, we want to update the public on the BOE and SEA proposed agreements.”

The parties remain divided on these key issues:

· The BOE is offering step raises of 4.75% to 5.75 % per year depending upon level of education when compared to the existing salary schedule. Those not eligible for a step raise would receive a $1,000 annual stipend. The SEA is countering with continued step raises and an additional 2.7 % raise in base salary in the first year and an additional 1.7% in the second year.

· The district is offering to pay 80% of health, dental and vision insurance premiums. SEA is countering with a continuation of 85% paid by the district. Employees now pay $170 per month for family plan coverage. Under the BOE proposal, monthly premiums will increase $57 per month so that employees would now pay $227 per month for the family plan.

· The BOE proposal includes a merit/performance-based pay system commencing no later than February 1, 2015.

· The proposals presented by the BOE and SEA agree to maintain the original contract language, thus leaving compensation and healthcare benefits as the remaining issues to resolve.

Kohls explained, “We have listened to our community. We are committed to providing a quality education, being fiscally prudent and being as fair to our employees as is possible in these difficult economic times. The board is also driven by a ‘Children First’ budget that takes into account all aspects of our children’s education.”

Unfair Labor Practice - Press Release:

Springboro Board of Education Responds to Unfair Labor Practice Filed by the Springboro Education Association

SPRINGBORO -- On April 8, 2013, the Springboro Education Association (SEA) filed an unfair labor practice with the State Employment Relations Board (SERB) against the Springboro Community City School District Board of Education. The SEA has asserted that the Board of Education violated the collective bargaining laws by posting the initial contract proposals of both the SEA and the Board on the district website,

On May 1, 2013, the Board responded to the unfair labor practice charge filed by the SEA. The Board posted the initial contract proposals for both the SEA and the Board for legitimate managerial reasons. The initial contract proposals were disclosed pursuant to the Ohio Public Records Laws. This was a legal obligation the Board was required to fulfill. Based on the fact that the initial contract proposals were disclosed, the Board wanted to ensure an open and truthful dialogue about the initial contract proposals could be had in the community. Therefore, the initial contract proposals of both the SEA and the Board were posted on the district’s website free from alteration. The Board denies that these actions violate the collective bargaining laws and/or rights of the SEA.

Additionally, the Board has received records requests for cost information relative to the bargaining proposals and will likewise post that information to the district’s website. The Board believes that its actions are in line with the law while ensuring communication with the community that is transparent, truthful and open.


SPRINGBORO--On July 16, the Springboro Community City Schools Board of Education (BOE) voted unanimously in favor of a new agreement with the Springboro Education Association (SEA). The announcement comes less than a week after the BOE approved a new agreement with the Springboro Classified Employees Association (SCEA).

The highlights of the two-year agreement with the SEA include:

• 80/20 healthcare insurance with employees paying 20%, and school district paying 80%

• 2% raise on base pay for both years one and two

• Step raises for two years

• Establishing a committee to put an equitable performance pay system in place

In comparison, the four-year agreement with the SCEA includes these provisions:

• Step raises for three years

• $1,000 annual stipend for three years

• 80/20 healthcare insurance with employees paying 20%, and school district paying 80%

“This is outstanding news for our employees, taxpayers and students and their families,” said Kelly Kohls, BOE President. “We have an agreement we can afford and that will make our school district more competitive. We will be able to retain our best teachers and attract new top-notch teaching staff. The Springboro School District continues to provide a quality education. We thank our parents, students, community, teachers, administrators and non-teaching staff for our district’s achievements. We look forward to continued excellence in the future.”