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EPIC Teacher of the Year Award

Engage. Prepare. Inspire. Challenge. EPIC Teacher of the Year!

Every year, Springboro Schools' District Parent Council (DPC), a group of parent representatives from each school building, collects nominations from students, parents, and staff around the district. From there, an EPIC Award (Engage. Prepare. Inspire. Challenge.) winning teacher is chosen, by parents, from each building, to serve as a model of excellence for a fantastic year of hard work and dedication.

EPIC Teachers of the Year (2024)

This year, we received 107 nominations! Congratulations to Alyce Haren (Clearcreek Elementary), Steve Hoffman (Dennis Elementary), Amanda Leyes (Five Points Elementary), Charlotte Rhodes (Springboro Intermediate), Laura Reichenberger (Springboro Junior High School), and Whitney Hartman (Springboro High School) on being named the EPIC Award winner for their school building. Click Here to View Photos.
Each teacher was greeted in their classroom by Superintendent Carrie Hester, Treasurer/CFO Terrah Stacy, Deputy Superintendent Matt Tudor, the building Principal, and members of the DPC. A plaque was awarded to the winning teacher, which goes on display inside the school building.
On behalf of Springboro Schools and the District Parent Council, thank you to all the EPIC Award winners, the EPIC Award nominees, as well as all of our amazing teachers and staff around this great district!

Nomination Information

All parents, students, and staff members of Springboro Schools were encouraged to fill out a nomination form for their choice of EPIC Teacher of the Year by April 10, 2024. Each school building (Clearcreek Elementary, Five Points Elementary, Dennis Elementary, Springboro Intermediate, Springboro Junior High, and Springboro High School) will have one EPIC Teacher of the Year recipient, so everyone is encouraged to nominate!

Winners, as chosen by the parents on the District Parent Council (DPC), were announced in May 2024.

FAQs - Nomination Information

How Do I Submit My EPIC Teacher Of The Year Award Nomination? 
All nominations should be submitted online via the EPIC Teacher of the Year Nomination Form. The deadline was April 10, 2024 at 11:59pm.

If you experience any issues with the online nomination form, a nomination form can be made available for download (Email Here to Request a Nomination Form). You can fill out the form, then email the form to the District Communications Coordinator by April 10, 2024 at 11:59pm.
When Is The Deadline to Submit My Nomination?
All online nomination forms were to be received by 11:59pm on April 10, 2024, to be considered.
Who Can Vote For The EPIC Teacher Of The Year Awards?
Any parent, student, or staff member of Springboro Schools.
Who Am I Voting For?
Any classroom teacher currently in the Springboro Schools' District. No classified employees. 
How Many Awards Are Given This Year?
A total of six (6) EPIC Teacher of the Year Awards will be awarded this year, one award per building. Each school building will have one EPIC Teacher of the Year Award recipient.

EPIC Winners (2024)