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Springboro Schools
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District Improvements

District Improvements

A variety of improvements have been completed across the district to the benefit of our students, teachers, staff, and community! None of this would have been made possible without the tremendous support of our Springboro community.

In addition to our teachers and staff, our community members, parents, volunteers, and school PTOs are a vastly important role in making our schools a success for all. We greatly appreciate the time and effort put in by those looking to make a difference in our schools. Their continued work and countless hours benefit our excellent school community.

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of taxpayer dollars, and the improvements that are being made as a result of the continued support from our community members, parents, volunteers, and PTOs is outstanding. Thank you! See what's been done!

New Video Surveillance Cameras and Software

School Buses:
13 New School Buses Transporting K-12 Students

New Carpet Installation:
Library (Clearcreek Elementary)
East and West Library Entry Areas (Five Points Elementary)
A-B-C and a Section of E Hallways  (SHS)
Entryway (Springboro Junior High)

CareFlight Field at Watkins Stadium:
Lighting, New Fence, Main Entrance, Ticket Booth, Door Frame, Painted Steel Posts, Varsity Locker Room

Drainage Repair Trench (Springboro Junior High)
Athletic Wall Redesign (Springboro High School)
Gym Floor Coating/Painting (Springboro High School)
Rear and Delivery Entry Area Fence Painted (Springboro High School)
New Playground Canopy (Clearcreek Elementary) 
New Cooling Tower (Springboro Junior High)
Asphalt and Seal Coating (CareFlight Field's Walk Track)
Memorial Garden (Watkins Stadium)
Newly Surfaced Tennis Court (Springboro High School)
Newly Paved Walkways (Springboro Intermediate)
Replaced and Added New Bleachers (Springboro Junior High)
Painted the Metal Arch at SJHS Entrance
Newly Painted Cafeteria (Springboro Intermediate)
New Lighting in the SHS Auditorium
Improved Visibility at SHS Athletic Entrance
New Cafeteria Tables (Springboro Intermediate & Springboro Junior High)
Concessions Stand (CareFlight Field at Watkins Stadium)
Trophy Case Lighting (SHS Athletics)

These improvement projects continue to make positive progress around our district school buildings. The improvements will be highly beneficial for years to come and would not have been possible without the work of our staff or the support of our community.

A huge thank you to our maintenance and grounds crew for all their hard work, and a sincere praise of gratitude to our Springboro community for making this all possible! We greatly appreciate your continued support!