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Report Card

State Report Card

The most recent state report card from the Ohio Department of Education reflects that our state is raising the bar for all students. Our students were judged against new, higher standards. The lower grades in some areas may be a concern to parents and residents as Springboro has an established tradition of high state ratings. Even with the lower grades on this year’s report card, Springboro Schools is among the 20 percent of public districts with the highest academic performance index scores in the state. Our district is one of only six districts in the Dayton area to receive an "A" on Student Progress.

First, we want to encourage our students and staff on a job well done. We know our work in education does not end with a test or a report card, and now we are reviewing our grades and the data behind them in order to direct resources where they are most needed for student growth.

The state report card informs us in six broad categories: K-3 Literacy, Achievement, Gap Closing, Progress, Graduation Rates, and Prepared for Success. The Ohio Department of Education has made a brief overview of the Ohio School Report Cards available online

District Report Card     |     Schools Report Card

Below is the state report card data based on the 2018-2019 school year. The data for 2019-2020 was mostly listed as "Not Rated (NR)" across the board for public schools, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The data for the 2020-2021 school is preliminary at this stage, and we are awaiting finalized data before publishing. Once we have this final data, it will be published below.

K-3 Literacy. Looks at how successful the school is at getting struggling readers on track to proficiency in third grade and beyond.
District: C
Dennis: C
Five Points: C
Clearcreek: NR

Progress. Looks at the growth all students are making based on their past performances.
District: B
Springboro High School: A
Springboro Junior High School: D
Springboro Intermediate: B
Dennis: B
Five Points: B

Achievement: Represents the number of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed on them
District: B
Springboro High School: B
Springboro Junior High School: C
Springboro Intermediate: C
Dennis: B
Five Points: B

Gap Closing: Shows how well schools are meeting the performance expectations for our most vulnerable populations of students in English language arts, math and graduation.
District: A
Springboro High School: B
Springboro Junior High School: A
Springboro Intermediate: A
Dennis: A
Five Points: A

Graduation Rates: Looks at percent of students who are successfully finishing high school in four or five years.
District: A (Four Year - A, Five Year - A)
Springboro High School: A (Four Year - A, Five Year - A)

Prepared for Success: Looks at how well prepared Ohio’s students are for future opportunities.
District: B
Springboro High School: B

With these grades and the detailed data behind them, we are looking at our areas for growth including K-3 literacy for struggling readers and gifted education in the elementary grades, and increased attention to reaching the ”lowest 20%” subgroup and students with disabilities in our secondary buildings.

There are additional accountability measures that define a high-quality education in ways that are not captured on the state report card--academic programs offered, the arts, student leadership and activities, financial responsibility and operations, parent and community involvement, and student services.

Visit the Ohio School Report Card website to see the complete report card, which includes financial information.

Springboro Schools Operating Spending per Pupil $7,255

State Average Operating Spending per Pupil $8,711

Springboro Classroom Instruction $5,157

State Average Classroom Instruction $5,845

Springboro Non-Classroom Spending $2,098

State Average Non-Classroom Spending $2,866

Springboro Community City Schools is among the 20% of public districts with the lowest operating expenditures per pupil.

Springboro Community City Schools is among the 20% of public districts with the highest academic performance index scores.