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Springboro Schools
People First / Always Growing / Better Together

The Panther Experience

People First. Always Growing. Better Together.

Our core values heading into the new school year: People First. Always Growing. Better Together. This exemplifies our dedication to the students and staff of Springboro Schools. This is our culture blueprint known as The Panther Experience.

Everything that happens in an organization depends on leadership, culture, and behavior. A group of educational leaders within Springboro Schools (administrators, teachers, counselors, etc.) have been working in conjunction with Focus 3, an advisory firm that provides consulting and training resources to help school districts develop leaders, strengthen culture, and empower their people.

We encourage you to check back throughout the school year to learn more about our core values.

Mr. Tom Burton, former Superintendent at Princeton City Schools and our 2023-2024 Convocation Keynote Speaker, sat down with four (4) Springboro Schools' students and one (1) Springboro High School graduate to talk about our district' core values: People First. Always Growing. Better Together.

Strategic Plan

Strategic planning is an ongoing integrated process in high-performing organizations. A strategic plan is the vehicle that allows an organization to look at its future. Through developing a vision, mission, examining core values, and setting achievable goals, the district moves toward attainment of school improvement.