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The Treasurer’s Department oversees the financial operations of the entire district, including payroll of more than 600 employees. The Treasurer operates as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and reports to the Board of Education.

Terrah Stacy was named Treasurer/CFO of the Springboro Schools in December 2013. Mrs. Stacy graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in governmental non-profit accounting, and received an MBA from Kaplan University. She holds a current Ohio School Treasurer’s and Business Manager’s license issued by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). Mrs. Stacy comes to Springboro with eighteen (18) years of accounting experience, fourteen (14) of which have been in public education.

Treasurer's Office
1685 S. Main Street, Springboro OH, 45066
Phone: (937) 748-3960, Fax: (937) 748-3956

Did You Know?

This section will routinely share facts about finances within Springboro Schools. If you have questions or concerns regarding these facts, please feel free to contact us at 937-748-3960 or email Terrah Stacy.
Did You Know?
Springboro Schools, like all K-12 schools in the State of Ohio, will be forced to see a reduction in its overall revenue, due to Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine’s announcement on cutting $775 million from the state budget in the next two months, as a result of plummeting revenue from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Per the Office of Budget and Management, Springboro Schools will see a $1.28m reduction in annual basic per pupil state-aid during FY20. This is an 8.2% reduction in total state-aid for this current school year. This amounts to 2.5% of the district’s total operating expenses.
For those in our Springboro community, and all across the State of Ohio, this is unfortunate news that will ultimately impact our students and future educational opportunities. The reductions to overall revenue for K-12 schools will have long-lasting effects on education. Our district will continue to work toward a solution that best serves our students, parents, staff, and community members.
Did You Know?
There are six-hundred and eight (608) school districts in the State of Ohio. Out of those 608, Springboro Schools is listed as the six-hundred and first (601)lowest school district with the lowest expenditure per pupil (student) in the State of Ohio.
Per the Ohio Department of Education

Did You Know?
If your home was located in any of the other Warren County School District's, you would pay more in taxes. There is a misconception that taxes are higher in Springboro, or that because it's Springboro, homeowners must pay more than say Franklin in taxes, when that is actually not true. This is due to the fact that each of the other Warren County District's residents pay more in local taxes, that go towards their schools, than Springboro. 
Here is an example: A $250,000 home would cost you this much in local taxes, depending on which school district you lived in: Kings - $3,830.75, Little Miami - $3,797.50, Wayne - $3,533.25, Mason - $3,425.62, Carlisle - $3,015.25, Lebanon - $2,940.00 - Springboro $2,756.25 (Highest to Lowest: $250,000 home per district costs you in taxes) 
Per the Ohio Department of Taxation
Did You Know?
Springboro Schools was one of the first school districts to sign up for the transparency project. In December 2014, then Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel launched, which set a new national standard for government transparency. For the first time in Ohio history, all state spending information could be placed publicly on the internet. was designed to encourage governmental agencies to be transparent with its spending.
In September of 2015, Springboro Schools signed up for, and has been posting the district's financial data to the public ever since. This data can be found on the district's Treasurer Dept. Webpage. In addition, Springboro Schools went back ten (10) years and posted the district's financial data publicly, starting with 2005 up to the present day. The district now has fifteen (15) of financial data for residents to view.
Interested in viewing the district's financial data at anytime? Click Here to View

Did You Know?
Springboro Schools implemented a Cost Containment plan during Fiscal Year 2020 (FY20), that is projected to save nearly 5 million over 4 years.

Reductions include; overtime, staffing, contracted services, and supplies. The reductions are in response to anticipated annual deficit spending. The District currently spends 27% less per child than the state average, and 40% less than similar Districts. Even with continued cost containment efforts, the district anticipates deficit spending annually.

Open Records Requests

All requests for information under the Open Records Act Requests are handled through the district’s Treasurer Department. All requests should be submitted in writing to: Terrah Stacy, Treasurer/CFO, Springboro Schools, and Scott Marshall, District Communications Coordinator, 1685 S. Main St. Springboro, OH 45066; or by email to  Terrah Stacy and Scott Marshall.


Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer
(937) 748-3960
Assistant Treasurer
(937) 748-3960

Accounting Supervisor 
(937) 748-3960
Andrea Stephens
Payroll Supervisor
(937) 748-3960
Cynthia Howard 
EMIS Coordinator/Data Manager
(937) 748-3960
Janie Hill 
Admin Assistant to the Treasurer/Payroll
(937) 748-3960
Admin Assistant to the Treasurer/Accounts Payable
(937) 748-3960

Student Enrollment & Records Liaison
(937) 748-3960