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Springboro Schools
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Communications & Public Relations

Springboro Schools' Communications Dept. can assist you with the following; News/Press Releases, Media Access, Proper Use of the District/School Logo, Partnerships, Community Outreach, District Newsletter, etc.

The Communications Dept. is responsible for oversight and coordination of the district's communication efforts including community engagement, branding, marketing, advertising, publications, special events, the district’s website and social media channels, photography and video production. Through regular contact with schools, business leaders, and local media, the department strives to maintain open communication while continuing to inform the public about our district.

Springboro Schools is committed to transparent, responsive, two-way communication that enhances stakeholder engagement. Springboro Schools' Communications Dept. works to meet this goal to increase knowledge of the district's programs and services, foster community engagement and share the stories of Springboro Schools; a district that is engaging and empowering students and staff to excel every day.

Share Your Story

Have a story idea? Share it with Springboro Schools! Click Here to Fill Out a Story Idea Submission Form. Each and every day, great things are happening in Springboro Schools. Stories of accomplishment, triumph, perseverance, and academic excellence are taking place inside classrooms on a daily basis. You are encouraged to send us your Springboro Schools' story, so we can share it with the entire community.

We accept story ideas from everyone: staff, parents, students, business leaders, organizations/clubs, as well as community members. Stories are often shared on our 
website, in publications such as the district newsletter or Principal Updates, flyers and brochures, on our social media channels, and with our local media partners.

While we prefer to know about events or activities before they happen, we still encourage you to share your story afterwards. Please send us a summary of what occurred and any photos you may have taken by e-mail to the
Communications Coordinator, or by filling out a Story Idea Submission Form.
Cell phone photos are acceptable, however we prefer them to be horizontal and at least 
1024 x 768 pixels. Low quality, or out-of-focus photos, run the risk of not being usable. Please note, if you send the district photos, any students visible in the photos must have a signed media release on file for the current school year. The main office in any school building will have this information.
The Springboro Schools' E-News is a bi-weekly district newsletter e-mailed to parents, staff, and community members every other week during the school year.
Miss a newsletter? Use the Dropdown List above to locate any newsletters you may have missed during the school year. Interested in signing up for E-News? Click Here to Sign-Up for Springboro Schools' E-News.

Awards & Recognition

2020-2021 School Year (Ohio School Public Relations Association - OHSPRA)
(2021) Best of the Best - Writing, "SHS Student Sews Masks for First Responders"
(2021) Best of the Best - E-Newsletter, "Springboro Schools' E-News"
(2021) Mark of Distinction - Writing, "Emotional SHS Win Dedicated to Coach Wayne Kemper"
(2021) Mark of Distinction - Writing, "Mr. Dave Retires"
(2021) Mark of Excellence - Public Relations/Marketing Plan, "Logan's Bark Park"
(2021) Mark of Excellence - Photography, "Win Just One for Kemper"

2019-2020 School Year (Ohio School Public Relations Association - OHSPRA)
(2020) Best of the Best - Public Relations/Marketing Plan, "Trotwood Madison Project: District Fundraiser"
(2020) Best of the Best - E-Newsletter, "Springboro Schools' E-News"
(2020) Best of the Best - Friend of Education, "Carrie Robbins"
(2020) Mark of Distinction - Photography, "Get The Vote Out"
(2020) Mark of Distinction - Special Purpose Publication, "District Raises Money for Warm Hugs"


District Communications Coordinator
Board of Directors, OHSPRA