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Trotwood-Madison Project

In the Fall of 2019, Springboro Schools and the Springboro Community completed a district-wide fundraiser that raised $45,071.70 for Trotwood-Madison City Schools, in order to contribute to the continued tornado relief efforts. 
Each of the six (6) school buildings in Springboro Schools conducted their own type of fundraiser, which took place on various days throughout the months of August and September 2019.  The specifics of these fundraisers are outlined below under the "How Can I Help?" section.
All monetary donations from each of the six (6) buildings, as well as various community donations by local organizations, have been put toward the Trotwood-Madison City Schools fundraiser. All of the $45,071.70 in donations from this district-wide fundraiser have been collected, as they needed to be accepted by the end of the day on Friday, Sept. 27, 2019.
Read below to find out what fundraising activities your school building did and how you may be able to help going forward! 
Check Presentation
On Friday, October 25th at 7:00pm (Watkins Stadium) the Springboro Panthers' Varsity Football Team hosted the Trotwood-Madison Rams. During the game, a check presentation took place on the field with members of Springboro Schools and Trotwood-Madison City Schools, as well as members from both Board of Educations. View Photo of Check Presentation Here
Why We Are Doing This?
More than two hundred (200) students, who attend Trotwood-Madison City Schools, were displaced from their homes, as a result of the tornadoes that struck the city of Trotwood, OH on May 27, 2019. 
Where Does Money Donated Go?
Any funds raised have gone towards school uniforms for the more than two hundred (200) Trotwood-Madison City Schools' students who were displaced from their homes. The goal was for each student to have three (3) school uniforms for this current school year. Any additional funds over the goal have gone towards additional uniforms for those Trotwood-Madison City Schools' students most in need.
How Can I Help?
Springboro Schools
The total amount raised for the entire Trotwood-Madison Fundraiser was $45,071.70. This includes $21,950.70 (Springboro Schools), $10,000 (Christ Church United Methodist), $8,310 (Image Mark It, T-Shirts), $2,611 (Kona Ice), $2,000 (Springboro Optimist Club)., and $200 (Individual Community Member Donations).
The Panther Pride/#Dayton Strong t-shirt sales have wrapped up! All orders are finished with printing/processing already underway through Image Mark It. A grand total of $8,310 was raised to go towards the Trotwood-Madison City Schools' fundraiser. Springboro Schools ordered 697 ($3,982) t-shirts and Miamisburg City Schools ordered 734 ($4,328) t-shirts. View Photo Here.
A check presentation on the t-shirt funds, with Miamisburg City Schools, was held at the end of the 1st Quarter at the Miamisburg vs. Springboro Varsity Football game on Friday, Sept. 27. Proceeds from the purchase of the Panther Pride/#DaytonStrong t-shirts went directly towards the district's Trotwood-Madison City Schools' fundraiser.
Springboro High School - On August 23rd, the Springboro Panthers' Varsity Football Scrimmage Game at Watkins Stadium sold tickets for $5.00, with all gate proceeds going directly towards the district's Trotwood-Madison City Schools' fundraiser.  Over $2,200 was raised.
Loose Change? "Change Buckets" were in the hallways at Springboro High School. Students/Staff were encouraged to drop any loose change into these gallon buckets as they passed through the halls between classes. All change collected from the buckets went directly towards the district's Trotwood-Madison City Schools' fundraiser.
Springboro Junior High School -  Students and staff had the opportunity to take part in a "Run-a-Thon," as well as a "Pay to Eat Lunch Outside" fundraiser with all proceeds going directly towards the district's Trotwood-Madison City Schools' fundraiser. On Friday, Sept. 6th, students from SJHS were able to donate funds, in order to eat lunch outside at Watkins Stadium. Over $1,500 was raised for the "Pay to Eat Lunch Outside" event. View Photos Here.
Springboro Intermediate - A "Staff vs. Students" competition was held at Wade Field on Thursday, Sept. 5. Students made a monetary donation, in order to compete against a teacher or staff member in an outdoor activity. The activities included; football, score a goal against a teacher, score a basket against a teacher, hula-hoop longer than a teacher, out Scrabble a teacher, etc. View Photos Here.
The competition was held at Wade Field and raised more $1,300. Thank you to Ethan Bettinger, Brooke Coulter, and the many Springboro Intermediate staff and parent volunteers who helped make this happen. Also, thank you to K&W and Kona Ice for their generous contributions.
Dennis Elementary - Friday Fundraising Activities: 
Friday, August 23 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Sit Anywhere in the Cafeteria
Friday, August 30 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Chew Gum in Class* (Parent Provides Gum)
Friday, Sept. 6 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Participate in Extra Recess* (Monitored by Principals/Counselors)
Friday, Sept. 13 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Wear a Hat or Flip Flops (Please Pick One)
Friday, Sept. 20 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Receive a NO Homework Pass from the Principal
Friday, Sept. 27 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Play in the Grade Level "Rock-Paper-Scissors" Championship 
Five Points Elementary - Friday Fundraising Activities: 
Friday, August 23 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Wear His/Her Favorite Team Apparel or Hat
Friday, August 30 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Mix-n-Match with "Boro Blue"
Friday, Sept. 6 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Sit with a Friend at Lunch (Dismissal Will Remain By Class)
Friday, Sept. 13 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Receive $5.00 in "PAW Bucks"
Friday, Sept. 20 - Students Can Donate $1.00 to Have Extra Recess
Clearcreek Elementary -  Spirit Week Activities:

Monday, Sept. 9 - Students Can Donate $1.00 for "Stuffed Animal Day" (Bring Your Favorite Stuffed Animal)

Tuesday, Sept. 10 - Students Can Donate $1.00 for "Crazy Hair/ Crazy Hat Day"

Wednesday, Sept. 11 - Students Can Donate $1.00 for "Sports Team Day" (Wear Your Favorite Sports Team Attire)

Thursday, Sept. 12 - Students Can Donate $1.00 for "Sunglasses Day"

Friday, Sept. 13 - Students Can Donate $1.00 for "Boro Blue Day" (Wear Your Springboro Spirit Wear) 

Why This Type of Fundraiser?
In addition to helping a fellow school community in need, Springboro Schools sees this as a great opportunity for teachers to build a positive relationship with their students at the beginning of the school year, while the students are encouraged to help those within their surrounding community. 
Check Presentation - Raised $45,071.70
Panther Pride T-Shirt 
"Panther Pride/#DaytonStrong"
SI Students 
Springboro Intermediate
"Staff vs. Students" Field Day Fundraiser
SJHS Students 
Springboro Junior High School
"Pay to Eat Lunch Outside" Fundraiser
Springboro Schools
Tornado Relief Cleanup