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Washington DC Trip

2024 Washington DC Trip (8th Grade)

 2024 Washington, D.C. Trip (Class of 2029)

Springboro's annual eighth grade student trip to Washington, D.C. and Gettysburg is Oct 23-Oct 26, 2024. Springboro district staff and parents will chaperone the trip. The tour company is Classic Student Tours, a local agency that specializes in Educational Student Travel Programs. Classic Student Tours has coordinated the Washington, D.C. trip for Springboro Schools since 1995.

Here is a Link to the parent meeting from March 19, 2024.

The total cost of the Washington DC trip is roughly $1063.00 for students and $708.00 for parents. This final payment needs to be paid by Sept 6th and you need to make that payment by calling Classic Student Tours directly at  937 439 0032.  You can also make payments online at  

What do you need to do? 

To be in good standing for the Oct 23-26, 2024 Washington, 

D.C. 8th grade Trip, the following should already be complete: 

  • Be current on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd installments of the trip which should total $825 for students and $555 for parents.  Pay directly to Classic Student Tours. SJHS does not accept money payment. Payment can be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card. 

  • Classic Student Tours Permission Slip turned into Classic Student Tours. This document can be (1) dropped off at Classic Student Tours; (2) mailed or faxed to Classic Student Tours, or (3) scanned/picture taken and emailed to [email protected]. SJHS does not accept these permission slips. 

  • Washington, D.C. Room Sign up Form and Parent Permission Slip These documents can be  (1) turned into the main office; (2) scanned/picture taken and emailed to Caroline Kane, 7th Grade Intervention Specialist; [email protected]

Final Cost - Oct 23-26, 2023 8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip   

For the Oct 24-27, 2024 trip, the total cost of the trip is roughly

$1063.00 for students and $703 for parents. The final balance for the trip will be due on 9/6/2024 and will

be determined 3 weeks before the due date. 


All payments can be made by sending cash, check, money order to Classic Student Tours (Springboro Junior High School does not accept payments) or paying by credit card on their website



Classic Student Tours Contact Information

 Trip organized by Classic Student Tours

75 Rhoads Center Drive

Centerville, OH 45458

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (937) 439-0032 

Fax: (937) 439-0041


Important Documents

 Parent Permission Slip
Parent Chaperone Guidelines

Room Sign up Form 

(turn into Junior High main office/teacher by 4/12/24)  

Classic Student Tours Permission Slip

(turn into Classic Student Tours by 4/12/24) 

Sample Trip Itinerary

Payment Due Dates


Important Medical Documents

More information to come...



Items to Keep in Mind 


Pack the following in a small suitcase for the hotel: Enough clothes for three days, toiletry items and snacks. Suitcases are stored in the luggage compartment beneath the passenger section of the motor coach. They are not accessible to the students until we check into the hotel Monday evening. Do not put any items in the suitcase that may be needed before we arrive at the hotel on Monday evening.

  • Pack items the first day in a small carry-on bag to bring on the bus (snacks/lunch, phone, camera, reading material)

  • Bottles of water with closed tops  and snacks are allowed on the motor coach.

  • Soft Drinks (or any colored or carbonated beverages), ice cream, and coolers are not permitted on the bus.

  • Bring reading materials. Electronic devices, included cell phones, are only allowed with headphone attachments.

  • Do not wear new shoes! We will be doing lots of walking and they will get dirty. 

  • Bring suitable clothing for the weather conditions (dress in layers), including rain.

  • An older, small pillow or blanket will make the ride more comfortable. 

  • It is not recommended to bring valuable items. Cameras are allowed. 

  • Spending money for snacks, souvenirs, etc, should be minimal. Carry money safely on your person at all times!

Checks can be mailed to Classic Student Tours, 75 Rhoads Center Dr., Centerville, OH 45458. Students should not submit checks to Springboro Junior High or its teachers. 


Refund Policy: All money will be fully refunded if Classic Student Tours terminates the tour for any reason, except for default of payment. A student/paying participant canceled from the tour for any reason will be charged a minimum of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) against monies paid toward that trip. In addition, any non-refundable deposits/payments made by Classic Student Tours for trip costs will also be deducted from any payments made. Checks not honored by client's bank due to insufficient funds, closed accounts, etc. will incur a $75.00 bank and processing fee. A $75.00 cancellation processing fee will be charged per participant if the group cancels the tour.


Responsibility: Classic Student Tours acts only as the agent for the tour participants in arranging transportation, lodging, meals, sightseeing, admissions, etc. Classic Student Tours, the Springboro Community City School District, or their employees assume no responsibility for personal injury or illness, property damage, loss, delay or irregularity of transportation, lodging, restaurants, sights, attractions, weather conditions, acts of God, etc. In the event of a claim, Classic Student Tours' liability shall be limited to the amount paid by the client for the tour package. Classic Student Tours is not liable for the responsibilities or default of transportation carriers, hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. Classic Student Tours reserves the right to provide substitutes of comparable value when conditions warrant an adjustment in contracted tour features. Classic Student Tours and its employees reserve the right to make special arrangements for participants unwilling to abide by tour policies, at the participant's expense.

Caroline Kane 
7th Grade Intervention Specialist 

October 2024 TRIP TIMELINE
*Trip Information
Final Projected Balance Payment Due is $1063.00
September 6, 2024
*Room Sign-ups
April 12, 2024
*Students will receive bus assignments and departure times.
Tuesday, October 22, 2024
*Washington, D.C./Gettysburg Tour. 
October 23-26, 2024
*Saturday, October 26, 2024
Students return between 8:00-10:00 p.m.