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Lunch as a Thank You to Our Bus Drivers & Transportation Staff!

Dave Stuckey & Transportation Lunch

As a show of appreciation, our bus drivers and transportation staff were provided lunch today. This group of hard-working individuals pulled together, remained calm, and acted swiftly by getting our students to safety in the midst of last week's tornado warning.
Today's lunch (Dickey's Barbecue Pit in Springboro), which saw Board President Dave Stuckey, Board member Lisa Babb, Superintendent Carrie Hester, and Assistant Superintendent Matt Tudor on-hand to visit, was just a small token of thanks to our bus drivers and transportation staff for all they do on a daily basis.

Thank you again to the many local Springboro businesses who opened their doors as shelter last week for our students when minutes mattered: Dorothy Lane Market, Double Days, B&B, UDF, YMCA, Tractor Supply Co., Mr. Boro’s, Clearcreek Township, Springboro Police Department, and the City of Springboro were all there to lend a helping hand. Yet another awesome showing of support from our great community!

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