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Staff Retirement Dinner - Congratulations!

Staff Retirement Dinner

Congratulations to the following Springboro Schools’ staff on their retirement this school year! A Retirement Dinner was held at Heather's Cafe to honor each of these individuals who have worked hard throughout the years for our students, parents, and community members. Thank you all for your dedication!

Paula Cronan (7 years) - Dennis Elementary, Gifted Intervention
Steve Hoffman (34 years) - Dennis Elementary, Teacher
Elizabeth Dritt (7 years) - Junior High, SLP
Linda Diemunsch (30 years) - Junior High, Educational Assistant
Cathie Bellar (23 years) - High School, Educational Assistant
Deb Chesarek (25 years) - High School, Study Hall
Jody Bodden (29 years) - High School, Teacher
Michele Fonner (34 years) - High School, Teacher

Retirees Not Pictured
Mike Nichols (10 years) - District, Mail Driver
Suzy Geise (20 years) - Dennis Elementary, Teacher
Lisa Hopkins (34 years) - Dennis Elementary, Teacher
Becky Coffee (7 years) - Junior High, Study Hall
Lisa Scheuermann (24 years) - Springboro Intermediate, Teacher

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