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SHS Senior Presents Eagle Scout Project

Eagle Scout Project - Bench

Springboro High School (SHS) Senior Alexander Hery recently presented his Eagle Scout Project to the Springboro Schools’ Board of Education. Alex’s project was to build three (3) benches near the SHS pond, located behind the high school.

“I wanted to help those who would be going outside by giving them a place to sit down and a place to write, if need be,” said Alex who referenced SHS having a fishing club and several classes that go outside during the school day to enjoy the weather and work.

When asked how these benches would contribute to SHS, Alex continued, “This contributes not only as a place to hang out and do studies, or have club activities, it also adds to the scenic nature of the pond to increase the beauty of the school. (The benches) provide an excellent view of the pond from any three of the sitting locations.”

Alex built the benches with materials donated by The Home Depot in both Miamisburg and Lebanon. Construction took place over the course of three weeks. The installation of the benches occurred in one day with the help of 14 volunteers.

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