Bus Route Information - Finalized by the first week of August 2019
Parent Letter - June 2019
(2019-2020 School Year Will be Finalized/Updated by the First Week of August 2019)
SJHS/SI Shuttle Transfer Information
District Transportation Services

Our goal is to safely transport students to and from school and field trips. We accomplish this through ongoing safety training meetings and ride alongs with our drivers.

We always are looking for new drivers. Training is provided onsite with certified On-Bus Instructors. If you’re interested in becoming a driver for Springboro Schools, please contact Michelle Palmer, Transportation Supervisor, at 937-748-4462. 

Transportation Rules
  • All students are required to be at bus stops five minutes prior to the bus’ scheduled stop. This is a State Law. 3301-83-08(C)(1) states “Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop before the bus is scheduled to arrive,” Springboro’s Board of Education has set that time to five (5) minutes. This is to ensure each child is at their spot of safety prior to the bus’ arrival. This policy is not negotiable with weather conditions. Parents of Kindergarten students must be at the bus stop to receive their child. If a parent is not visible, our staff will do their best to make contact with a parent prior to releasing the student.
  • Most of Springboro’s school buses seat 65 or 72 passengers. This is based on three students per seat. This is not always reasonable for high school students and we will try to accommodate those situations as they arise.
  • Students may only bring items onto the bus that they can carry in their laps; this includes backpacks, band instruments and/or school projects. If the item will not fit in their lap, it is not permitted on the school bus.
  • Students are required to follow the same rules on the school bus as they do in any classroom. Each student is required to sit facing forward with their legs/feet to the front of their seat. Each student is to keep talking to a minimum; no screaming or yelling. Each student is required to stay in their seat at all times; no climbing on seats and; no changing seats without driver’s approval. Each student is required to keep their hands to themselves.
  • Discipline on a school bus is ultimately handled by the school principals. A school bus driver’s main concern is to operate the bus in a safe manner. If students are unable to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner, the bus driver will fill out a bus conduct report for each student(s) involved and report the incident(s) to the respective principal.
  • Each student will be assigned a designated safety spot on their residence side of the bus stop location. Each bus driver must account for each student at their designated safety spot at arrival of bus during pick-up and also prior to the bus’ departure from the stop at drop-off. Pupils are not permitted to depart their safety spots until the back bumper of the school bus has passed their safety spot.
  • Parents are not permitted to ride the school bus. We also recommend that parents do not follow the school bus or meet the school bus at the school. As with any new event in a child’s life, riding alone for the first time can be a stressful one for both parent and child. Allowing a child to ride the school bus from the beginning of the school year will be an easier transition if the parent reassures the child of their new routine. Following the school bus and/or meeting the school bus at school sends a message to the child that you as the parent are not confident with the school bus ride. Most students within a few days are set in their new routine and have no problems leaving parents at their respective bus stops. Please allow your student to make this transition early. Statistics show that children are much safer in a school bus than in a car. Students riding a school bus also cut down on traffic going into and out of school areas.

Transportation Staff

Michelle Palmer
Transportation Supervisor
(937) 748-4462
How to reach the Transportation Department

(937) 748-4462
between 5:30 am. and 5:00 p.m.

(937) 748-6019
between 5:30 am. and 5:00 p.m.


In accordance with State and Federal law, Springboro Community City Schools will provide reasonable accommodations to persons with disabilities who wish to attend and/or participate in school events. Such individuals should notify the Superintendent if they require a reasonable accommodation.

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