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Resource Coordinators

Resource Coordinators are here to eliminate non-academic barriers to your child’s learning. We can help families with food, attendance issues, clothing, housing, insurance, Kinship Services, etc.

Children’s personal and family difficulties affect how they are doing socially and academically at school. To help at these difficult times, the school’s Resource Coordinator can assist students in becoming more successful in school and help parents learn more about resources that may help your child and family.

Resource Coordinators – can assist with:

  •      Helping families and schools work together through difficult times
  •      Helping families find community resources that will promote family stability and help a child be more successful in school
  •      Improving attendance
  •      Encouraging families to increase participation in their child’s academic life

Resource Coordinator’s services include:

  •      Visiting with a family at home
  •      Meeting with a student at school
  •      Accompanying a family in obtaining a needed resource when helpful
  •      Advocating for student/family needs
  •      Researching what services may be available to assist a family and a child
Courtney Collins
Resource Coordinator
937-748-3950 ext. 4016
Autumn LeBu
Resource Coordinator 
937-748-3950 ext. 4016
Teresa Mosley
Resource Coordinator
937-748-6070 ext. 4734