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Mental Health Services

Welcome to the Student Mental Health Services webpage!

We are excited to offer some new services to students in need of additional support in the area of mental health. This year we added three Resource Coordinators to help students and families who are in need of additional support.  For more information on the Resource Coordinators, please click the Resource Coordinator tab. We also have resources for students struggling with Drug/Alcohol issues and can provide long term counseling with licensed counselors for a variety of other issues.

Springboro Schools are passionate about providing well rounded children upon graduation. Our student's mental health and wellness is an important part of our children’s development and success. We have the opportunity to interact with our students for nearly fifteen (15) years, and to teach them, along with their parents, the necessary coping skills for life. We provide students with the opportunity to talk to their guidance counselor, nurse, or an administrator for normal stressors that present as problems for our children when they arise.

If a problem is determined to be more significant, the student is referred to our Mental Health Department where the child's situation will be closely evaluated by either the Mental Health Coordinator, one of our three Resource Coordinators, a mental health therapist from a contracted agency or, at times, an outside professional. We work collaboratively with our parents to provide support for barriers that might impede success and continue the team approach until the issue is fully resolved.

Parenting children is very difficult and we feel strongly that working together as a team will bring about the best results. As a school system, we have the opportunity to see your children and participate in their lives in various ways. When we work together, we can give you input and resources that could be helpful in areas that you might need assistance with.


We will be updating resources that could be helpful to your family on various topics. To find this, please view our Interesting Resources tab to the right for links.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions.