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Arrival and Dismissal Information

Arrival and Dismissal Information

Student Drop Off in the A.M.

Parents who drive their child(ren) to school will begin the car line around the building on the WEST side (drive around the south side of the building) - at Door 3 (gym). PLEASE DO NOT DROP OFF YOUR CHILD IN THE FRONT OF THE BUILDING. Drop off may begin at 8:15 a.m. A staff member will be at Door 3 each morning to monitor arriving students. Students will go to the gym until dismissed at 8:33 a.m. Parents will loop around the staff lot and exit out the west front exit. Please watch for staff walking in the parking lot.


Car Rider Pick-up - P.M. DISMISSAL

The car rider line will form around to the West side staff parking lot (drive around the south side of the building). Please stay on the left side of the lane as you enter school grounds and then in the right lane next to the curb so you are not blocking traffic for those needing to get through. Have your car number displayed and ready to go. A staff member will be checking numbers as the line forms. Students will be dismissed in groups based on your position in line. For safety reasons, students must enter the car on the curb side only. Please follow the direction of our staff members to ensure a smooth pick-up process. Please DO NOT park in the lot and cross the line of traffic to pick-up your child(ren).


End of the Day ... DISMISSAL

Pick up at the end of the day should occur in our car line unless your child is riding the bus home. Parents should not be parking and meeting students in the office UNLESS ... you were called for a sick child, you forgot your car rider number or special arrangements have been made with administration. We appreciate your attention to our dismissal guidelines.


Change in PM Dismissal Communication

If you need to notify the school that your child(ren) will need to change the way he/she typically goes home from school, please contact the office 937-748-6070 as soon as possible. It is always best to send in a note for the change when advance notice can be given. You may also email our receptionist, Brittany Johnson. Having the communication in advance, helps us to ensure we are able to dismiss our bus fleet in a timely manner. If you send an email to your child's classroom teacher of a schedule change, please include Mrs. Johnson on the email as teachers may not have an opportunity to check their email in the late afternoon prior to dismissal time.


Day Care Communication ... IMPORTANT

If there is a change in transportation or your child goes home prior to dismissal, please notify your day care facility of the change. This notification is extremely important as it will allow for our bus dismissal to happen in a timely manner.