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Military Families

Military Families Connected

Springboro Schools recognizes that Military Families face unique challenges, and our district strives to do all that is possible to help our students and their families throughout the school year. We're here to help! 


- Currently There are 1.2 million Military Children of Active Duty Members Worldwide  
- Over 80% of Military Children Attend a Public School
- The Average Military Family Moves Households Three (3) Times More Often Than Their Civilian Counterpart
- Over Two (2) Million Military Children Have Experienced a Parental Deployment Over the Last Twenty (20) Years
- 1/3 of School-Age Military Children Show Psychosocial Behaviors Such as Being Anxious or Worrying Often

Support Staff

Dennis Elementary
(937) 748-6070

Terrah Hunter, Principal

Jeffery Rippl, Assistant Principal

Liz Wenzel, Counselor

Macy Johnson, Counselor

Our Support Staff can assist in facilitating with any transition or support needs during enrollment, parental leave and/or academic questions. Also, our Support Staff can work with counselors to help facilitate necessary conversations with any staff members.