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Bring Your Own Device FAQs

Do I have to purchase a device?

You do not need to purchase a device for use at school. Our district has adopted e-textbook access for students in 6-12 for English language arts, Math, and International Language courses.

May I use my phone as a device in class?
No, but you may do so after school, on the bus, and at home.

When I have my device at school, how do I access the “Public” wireless network?
Most devices will detect the “Panther-Guest” wireless network and automatically connect. You will have to open a browser and accept the AUP (acceptable use policy) to have Internet access.

When can I use my device at school?
During classes when permitted by the teacher, study hall for school related assignments, and in the library/media center.

My device was stolen / damaged at school, what should I do?
While the school is not responsible for damage or theft of personal technology devices, you would report the theft or damage to the building administration like you would any other types of theft or damage to personal property.

Why am I filtered on my own device? Shouldn’t I be able to see what I want to on my own device?
Internet filtering is a requirement of all public schools, per The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). This requires all Internet access to be filtered regardless of the tool used while in a public school.

I have an Internet data plan through a cellular carrier or other similar company (3G/4G etc.) on my device. Can I use that resource to access the Internet while on district property?
No. While on district property, you are required to use our Internet connection.

Can I print at school?
You cannot print from your personal device at school.

My device is not working. What should I do?
You are responsible for troubleshooting your device problems. Do not allow device issues to get in the way of your learning.

Can administrators look at my device?
Although we have a policy pertaining to this particular topic, when a device is confiscated, it will be brought to the building administrator immediately without being searched. The building administrator will document the staff member’s comments as they relate to the investigation requiring a device to be searched. The administrator will immediately contact the parent, and if it is worthy of calling the police, we will do so.